Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Mwanje is the founder of Optimistic Soundz+, Optimistic Soundz+ Media, and Brilliant Voices MKE. He enjoys producing music and content. He loves watching black romantic comedies and would call himself a helpless romantic. Being the single one out of his cousins, Mwanje's perspective comes from a unique space where the dating landscape is tough to navigate.
Big Hill Gaming
Born and raised in DUMAS, AR. John is the Founder of BigHill gaming. He Enjoys playing video games, and being with his two kids. His main job is driving truck, and he part owner of TLT Cruising Trucking Company.
Yo Boy_Dex
Dex grew up in Milwaukee, WI, and is the oldest of the cousins. He’s equipped with tons of life lessons and lived experiences. As a married father of three daughters, Dex offers unique perspective on marriage and parenting. He is an IT guru and founder and CEO of Coding Custom Designs.